As a member of the Canadian Association of Face and Body Artists (CAFABA), and a former member of FACE, the international face painting association, I abide by a strict code of practice with respect to health and safety, hygiene and ethics.


We work with a number of very talented artists. We will not undercut other similar businesses simply to win a contract. We believe in everyone being treated with respect and in demonstrating good business practice. You will NOT find the cheapest artists here.  YOU WILL FIND





1) Only professional products designed and formulated for skin are used. The current brand of preferred makeup/face paint is water soluble and contains aloe, chamomile, glycerin, avocado oil and cocoa butter to help make it safe and gentle on the skin.

2) The vibrant colors will dry quickly with minimal rub-off, although they will rub-off with pillows when you sleep!. They normally wash off easily with soap and water.

3) For face painting I use a director's chair and a folding table; for outdoor work, under shelter is a necessity. For body painting it's generally performed on location to avoid work being damaged in transit. Requirements will vary and can be discussed.

4) It is not advisable to face or body paint someone if they are under three years old, or if they have food allergies or allergic reactions to soaps and skin creams. I will not paint anyone if they have open cuts or sores, or other infectious skin conditions for safety and hygeine reasons. (see code of practice in sidebar)

5) This will depend on the artist, the customer, and the designs chosen; however, an average painter is likely to complete around 10-12 full faces per hour.

6) I don't bring a menu as I prefer to leave it to the participant's imagination, particulary with children. In this way, it becomes a more personalized creative experience, and often unique to each person.At festivals, we have an A-frame board to illustrate what we can do, but that's only to showcase our artistry!

7) In order to avoid disappointment, you should book as soon as you set the date of the event, particularly around holidays/special times of the year, as they tend to book up quickly. Body Painting bookings should be arranged at the very least 1 month before to allow for design development.

8) My rates will vary depending on the event, location and numbers. Please call me, so we can discuss your particular situation.

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